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Turbo boost your karate!

Students are encouraged to expand their knowledge of karate themselves in addition to their regular training in class.  Internet resources are freely available and are a natural place to start.  However the challenge is sorting the wheat from the chaff and targetting the right information relevant for our Shotokan suitable for your level and ability.  The information provided here has been collated for your convenience.  Please feel free to reference this to help you progress your knowledge and skill in karate.  Of course, you must bear in mind that the number one method of accelerating your skill is to get out there and train as much as possible with 100% effort!

Beginner's Guide
New to karate? Here are some tips to help you get going!
Rank & syllabus
See the association website for full syllabus information
The "Forms" of Shotokan Karate
Basics are the building blocks for all your karate. Perfect these for a firm foundation and enhanced development.
Check which kumite drills you should be practising for your next grade.
Japanese glossary
Key Japanese terms and vocabulary for karate.
Advanced kumite
For 4th Kyu and above. You know the basics. Now learn to apply them using these exercises suitable for free sparring training.
Kata Bunkai
Learn more about the importance of kata applications from one of the masters.
Traditional customs based on respect.
Injury free practice
Karate is great for your fitness and physical health, however you must train correctly to prevent damage to your body.
Do-gi and equipment
Need a new gi or protective equipment?
Further Study
Check out these recommended links for other great content!
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