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Advanced Kumite 組手

The following exercises are suitable for advanced students who wish to take their learned basics to the next level for effective application in sparring exercises.

It should be noted that ​traditional Shotokan​ karate is more about the application of kihon techniques for "ichigeki hissatsu" - to annihilate at one blow.  In other words, using techniques that would be effective in a real self-defence situation to end a confrontation involving non-consensual violence with the quickest efficiency.  Jiyu-kumite (free-sparring) might seem more akin to "sports style" karate involving elaborate combinations and prolonged interaction.  However, much can be gained from such training to further increase your skills for speed, accuracy and confidence in facing an opponent.  This must be complemented with power training on impact pads and senior level students should also start thinking about the aforementioned "ichigeki hissatsu" principle in their ongoing development.

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