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The traditional customs observed in karate come from the roots of Japanese culture.  In following these customs, you are showing your respect for the martial art and all that it encompasses, including respect for the training dojo, your instructor and your fellow students.  This is not just another form of competitive sport, MMA or an exercise class.  By learning karate, you are following the path of 'bushido', i.e. the warrior code of honour and morals understanding the importance of humility and responsibility for your actions.

At first, these customs may be a little confusing for new students.  Just think of entering a dojo being like walking into a tiny world of Japanese tradition, its part of what gives this martial art more meaning.  Below are some handy guides on what to do.

2 ways to seiza
Sitting Seiza etiquette
Karate School Etiquette Explained By Japanese Sensei 🇯🇵

Karate School Etiquette Explained By Japanese Sensei 🇯🇵

Japanese Karate sensei Yusuke Nagano from @KarateDojowaKu explains dojo rules in Tokyo. Learn the correct terminology, seiza, bowing, phrases and words. If you want to practice traditional Budo in Japan, this video on proper etiquette is a must-see. Phrases used in the video: - Shitsurei shimasu (“Please excuse me/may I...”) - (Yoroshiku) Onegai shimasu (“Let’s practice”) - Shomen ni rei (“bow to front”) - Otagai ni rei (“bow to each other”) - Arigato gozaimasu (“Thank you very much”) ☯️ BIO: Jesse Enkamp is a #1 Amazon Best-Selling Author, National Team Athlete, Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneur, Carrot Cake Lover & Founder of Seishin International - The World’s Leading Karate Lifestyle Brand. 🎥 WATCH ALL MY VIDEOS ⇩ 🔔 SUBSCRIBE - so you don’t miss NEW videos ⇩ 👊 Join “KARATE NERD INSIDER” (my secret video club) ➭ 💪 MY TRAINING PROGRAMS: - Flexibility & Mobility ➭ - Strength Training ➭ 🥋 GET MY #KARATE GI ➭ ✅ Wanna GROW Your Martial Arts School? ➭ 👍 CONNECT WITH ME: - Facebook ➭ - Instagram ➭ - Twitter ➭ - ✏️ Blog ➭ - FB Group ➭ ✍️ CONTACT ME ⇩ WARNING: The advice and movements shown in this video are for informational and educational purposes only. Consult a health professional before engaging in any exercise or martial arts program.
Meaning & Origin of Oss/Osu|Alternatives Introduced!

Meaning & Origin of Oss/Osu|Alternatives Introduced!

🥋FREE TRIAL|Online Group Lesson🥋 Program Details: Any questions or concerns? → Email me at I know OSS can be a tricky word... But the pronunciation doesn't really matter! As long as you have respect toward the other person, there is no problem. 【Chapters】 00:00 Introduction 00:11 Do you guys use Oss? 00:36 What is Oss? 00:54 Origin of Oss 02:10 Alternative Words -------------------------------------------------------------- ✨| For Online Private Lesson, sign up from here 📱| Check out our INSTAGRAM ✉️| Email me at -------------------------------------------------------------- 📷Filming Gear🎥 Mic: Tripod: Camera: Lens: iPhone Case: Lights: Final Cut Pro X: MacBook Pro 13in: Samsung SSD: WD HDD: Green Screen: Camera App: -------------------------------------------------------------- 📕My Background📕 Name: Yusuke Nagano Birthplace: Kawasaki, Japan Belt Grade: 2 Dan As a Competitor: 2 Years @ Local Dojo in USA, 7 Years @ Keio Mita Karate Club As a Coach: 4 Years @ Keio Mita Karate Club, 2 Years @ Karate Dojo waKu Style of Coaching: The Fusion of Simple Concept and Logical Breakdown What I like: food & water (organic, natural), traveling, sportswear, gadgets, reading, affordable products All copyrights claims under Associated Press ID - INT25096 -------------------------------------------------------------- What I covered in this video: karate, shotokan, karate shotokan, shotokan karate, karate sensei, karate tutorial, karate how to, karate dojo waku, yusuke nagano, sensei seth, karate nerd, jesse karate, jesse enkamp, karate oss, karate Japanese, karate japanese words, karate japanese numbers 1-10, oss, osu, oss karate, osu karate, karate osu, karate osu 3, karate osu 2, karate osu pronunciation, karate osu baki, karate greeting oss, karate hai #karate, #shotokan, #karateshotokan, #shotokankarate, #karatesensei, #karatetutorial, #karatehowto, #karatedojowaku #yusukenagano #senseiseth #karatenerd #jessekarate #jesseenkamp #karatejapan #japanesekarate #kumite #karatekid #kata #karatenearme #karatebelts

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