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Beginner's Guide

Beginners should initially just enjoy their first few lessons with an open mind and try not to overthink what they experience.  You might feel clumsy and uncoordinated compared to the rest of the class, however remember that every one of us has been in this position.  There is a saying, "A Black belt is just a White belt that never gave up".  Once a little familiarity sets in, more effort can be made and you can challenge yourself to improve.  It will take some perseverance to overcome the initial learning curve, but in doing so you will find the classes even more rewarding.  Your Sensei will guide you on what you should take away from lessons to practice.  For those keen to maximise their progress, the following guide will give you some direction.  But do not just read this guide and leave the actual training for another day.  You must get up and train, as much as possible!  That is the only way​ to improve.

Summarised review sheets for the techniques below can be downloaded here:

You may also find our 'Karate etiquette' guide useful to familiarise yourself with our class formalities, how to correctly tie your belt, etc.

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