Advanced brown belt kata

The following kata are learned from 3rd Kyu Brown belt.  They are not mandatory to earn your Black belt, however you are expected to have learned the majority of these by shodan level.  Students may choose to perform one of these kata for their 1st Dan grading's "chosen kata" in place of Bassai Dai.  Any of these may need to be performed when it comes to the 2nd Dan grading.

Enpi 燕飛

"Flying Swallow"

This is a visually impressive kata with its rapid combinations, tension moves and a jump in the finishing moves.  The signature technique is the 180 degree jump which requires a strong knee tuck jump and good landing technique in kokutsu-dachi to protect the joints.

Jion 慈恩

"mercy and grace" (Temple name)

SSKA specific version


Note that all the fumikomi (stamping kicks) are performed with a mikazuki-geri (crescent kick).  Prior to the final moves of the kata, this is combined with an otoshi-uchi (dropping hammer-fist) to the head landing in kiba-dachi.

Jiin 慈陰

"Temple Grounds" (Temple name)

SSKA specific version.


There are many variations in the detail of this kata in other styles such as the preparation of shuto-uchi moving in kiba-dachi, which side the kosa-uke is executed on and slow-fast moves differing.  Pay close attention to these particular moves.

Jitte 十手

"Ten hands"

SSKA specific version


This kata has a few technical points that require regular practice to maintain proficiency - namely the hand positions and transitions for handling a bo staff in the bunkai (application).

Chinte 珍手

"Rare / exceptional hands"

SSKA specific version.


Often mistakenly considered a kata more suited to female karate-ka.  This is a very asymmetric kata performed in quite a compact enbusen (line of movement).  As the kata name may hint at, there are a number of unusual hand techniques as well as a unique ending.

Tekki Nidan 鉄騎二段

"Iron horseriding - 2nd level"

SSKA specific version.


All Tekki kata are performed at a relatively fast pace.  Check the instruction set for detail on the exact hand positions for the techniques.

Hangetsu 半月

"Half Moon"

SSKA specific version.


The ippon-ken (middle fist knuckle strike) under tension is as used in Chinte instead of using the index finger you may see in other styles.

Ensure the final move drawing back into neko-ashi-dachi (cat stance) is executed at the same time as slowing pushing out the Teisho Awase Gedan Uke (low double hand heel block).

Kanku Dai 観空大

"View the Sky - major"

SSKA specific version.


This is the biggest of the 'big 4' kata (the other 3 being Bassai Dai, Enpi and Jion) and is the 'parent' kata for all the Heian kata and contains many of their techniques.  Hence your "Heian" must be strong to be able to perform Kanku Dai well.

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