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Line Drills: single line

Blocking footwork

This is practice for moving off line smoothly with kake-uke (lead hand and back hand blocking).  Push the defender's leading arm out of the way with kake-uke as you move, switch legs and repeat.

Gyaku-zuki with tai-sabaki

Palm-off the defender's leading hand and gyaku-zuki.  Move the back leg off immediately to shift out of line before changing legs to line up with the next student.

Mawashi-geri: leading leg

Defending students raise their leading hand to protect the opposite side of their head.  Use the pivot and slide in technique to mawashi-geri with the front leg.

Mawashi-geri: 2-step with leading leg

Defending students stand with the same leg forward and either keep their arms high or hold a focus pad to their mid-section.  A dynamic pivot slide-in is used to get the distance to kick front leg mawashi-geri to the body.  Skip out diagonally forward as the front leg is retracted to line up with the next student.  Therefore their should only be two movements for each attack, slide in kick and hop out line-up.

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