Kumite Punching Strategies

The following drills are suitable for advanced students who wish to take their learned basics to the next level for effective application in sparring.

Gyaku-zuki, oi-zuki combo

Gyaku-zuki, switch oi-zuki

Objective: Double attack drill - After clashing when attacking with gyaku-zuki, switch legs and follow immediately with oi-zuki.

Attack with gyaku-zuki, step front leg back to switch legs and immediately step in again with oi-zuki.

Double gyaku-zuki combo

Gyaku-zuki, turn switch legs gyaku-zuki

Objective: Double gyaku-zuki attack with opposite sides whilst turning

Shuffle in for a gyaku-zuki attack.  The opponent turns to avoid 90​0​ by stepping back the front leg so opposite side is forward.  Switch legs as you turn 90​0​ to attack with gyaku-zuki on the opposite side.  After the first gyaku-zuki, raise the same arm up to guard prior to the 2nd gyaku-zuki.

Footage from:

Kumite techniques seminar 2001 by the Japan National Team Coach, Seiji Nishimura