Coronavirus update


Our dojos remain closed for the time being.

Further to the government announcement on the 22nd February 2021, we expect dojo training (socially distanced or otherwise) to restart in May.  In the meantime, we have a schedule of outdoor training during April and early May, please contact Sensei for more information. Further clarification for dojo training will be provided closer to the date.

Live zoom classes are also running for our current club members, please check with Sensei for details.

A non-profit initiative is currently running regular free live facebook streaming of traditional shotokan karate classes.  The classes are taught by top masters from around the world.  Some of what is covered is quite advanced, however all students interested in continuing to maintain and progress their karate would benefit from much of this content.  You can view all the classes on YouTube at

All association courses have been cancelled until further notice.  Please refer to our events page or the SSKA website for further updates at


If you cannot attend our training, we recommend that you still try and stay physically active to keep healthy in body and mind.

Karate caters for self training very well as it can also be undertaken anywhere on your own.  Training resources for syllabus kihon, kata and kumite are readily available on this website in the Member's Resource section at this link, Members.  There is also a wealth of online classes available to explore, see the above link to "Karate@Home".


Kata are especially useful for either stretching, strength training or a cardio workout depending on how you choose to execute them.  The bonus is of course that you are also keeping them fresh in your memory as well as practicing technique.  If you think all your kata are looking good, why not challenge yourself to learn the next one?  Videos of all kata can be found here - Kata.  Maybe try them in 'ura' (mirror image), backwards, or using the methods below.


  • Slow kata: Perform them at a quarter speed or slower, concentrating on smooth transitions, correct stances and ending with good technique.  Try and go extra long in those stances, stay low with back upright and hold the position for a few seconds for each count.  Keep any kicks slow and lower than normal if need be.  This will give you a good stretch and the low stances will strengthen the legs.

  • Normal / fast kata: Make sure you have warmed up and stretched already.  You can perform to a count (a metronome app on a slow beat is good for this) and perform each move and technique as fast and sharp as you can and then holding for the next count.  Alternatively, perform it without a count ("mogore") to work on the proper timing of the kata with correct breathing, tension and kime.  Do a few of these and you'll find yourself working up a sweat in no time!


Stretch as often as you can.  Again, set yourself a challenge - improve flexibility enough to be able to perform those jodan kicks with ease.  Each day you can perform slow kicks in sets of 10 reps at a time, which will strengthen those kicking muscles.​​


Be strong, show kindness, stay safe.






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