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Terry's Blog

These blogs are musings and observations as my thinking evolves during the course of my karate journey.  I have trained under different instructors in a number of different styles of karate for varying numbers of years.  Every style has its own formalised documented syllabus, drills and methods which you will follow to progress your skill and ranking.  After a black belt has completed their syllabus forming a firm foundation, the expectation is for them to progress beyond any such syllabus and forge their own personal path in karate.  This is challenging and as with trying to master any skill, will require an inquisitive and open mind, research and further experience taking you out of your comfort zone.  In my struggles to make sense of it all, I have made notes of anything that sticks in my mind for whatever reason including any relevant information that I may have found pertaining to it.

Shotokan idiosyncrasies
Traditional or Archaic?
Keeping karate healthy
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