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Blocking with takedown

Chudan mawashi-geri catch & take-down

Against opponents who favour chudan mawashi-geri, if the kick is predicted you can catch for an effective takedown.  Switching your guard so the leading hand in low whilst covering high across your body with the opposite hand, you should catch with your arm on the inside of the kick.  Catching the leg after it has already impacted your body serves no purpose.  Whilst grabbing their gi lapel, sweep the other leg whilst drawing them up to take them down close to you so they are too close to kick you.  Make sure you release the lapel before the finishing ground punch.

Scissor block takedown
Gyaku-zuki block & take-down 1

Against opponents who tend to stay in after gyaku-zuki.  After blocking you can aggressively step forward past their outside leg whilst grabbing the back of their neck from the opposite side.  Then use your back leg to push through their leading leg at the thigh as you pull their neck forward and turn to spin them over.

Front rotation takedown
Gyaku-zuki block & take-down 2

As the opponent attacks gyaku-zuki, shift to their inside as you block so you have switched legs.  Uraken with the leading arm and immediately extend the leading leg behind you into their leading leg as you turn and pull them forward off balance.

Front takedown
Kizami-zuki block & take-down (possible 'sochin' application)

As the opponent shuffles in to attack kizami-zuki, intercept the punch with your back hand and whilst immediately extending the front arm high past the opponents head and chest.  At the same time step forward with your back leg into the back of the thigh of the opponents leading leg.  Use your forward motion pushing with your leading arm across the opponent's shoulder to break their structure and your stepping leg into their leg to flip them over.

Power body weight takedown

Going in under the opponent's centre and raising up a little will make for an easier take-down.

Entering sweep takedown
Entering sweep2.gif
Punch & take-down combo

After closing in with oi-zuki gyaku-zuki you end up almost in a clinch with your leading leg on the outside.  Push your leg and hip against the back of the opponent's leading leg thigh and pull the gi of their right shoulder backwards so that they flip over.

Pulling takedown
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