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Listed below are the websites and resources to which reference has been made on this website.  Also included are recommendations for those interested in expanding their knowledge beyond basic teachings to help find their own path on their karate journey.  Much of this content can also be found on youtube.

Jesse Enkamp, aka "The Karate Nerd", embraces the world of true karate in all its forms.  His youth belies a mastery of karate.  This social media guru provides genuine and engaging content both free and subscription based.


Fiore Tartaglia, 6th Dan.  This website has crystal clear video footage of all the shotokan kata, performed expertly by this master both slow and at regular speed.  Bear in mind that this is JKA based Shotokan.  There are also useful short video guides for various hand and foot techniques.


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Yusuke Nagano is a young karate sensei embracing social media teaching.  What makes his content unique is that he is a native Japanese karate-ka teaching in Japan, but also being fluent in English is actively producing content specifically for English speakers.  There is clear teaching of etiquette and pronunciation of Japanese karate terms and a multitude of other interesting content.

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Iain Abernethy 7th Dan, is one of the leading exponents of applied karate.  Here you will find in depth explanations, drills and practice for ways of realistically applying your learned skills for self-defence.


Paul Walker, provides very clear and easy to follow kihon instruction on his youtube channel, suitable for beginner to intermediate students.






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